Central Ohio Parent Leadership Training Institute

What is a Parent Leader?

     Our definition of Parent Leader is someone who fights or speaks publicly in support of a person,
belief, cause etc. that will help change or make a difference in the community. Parent leaders
represent the demographic profile of their region. Ages span from teen parent to grandparents
raising grandchildren. They are single parents, married parents, stepparents, foster and adoptive
parents; even those who act as a parental figure to children. Classes are comprised of 20-25

Parent Leaders are offered four phases of training built on interactive adult learning practices:

  • A retreat to develop group and define mission:
  • 10 weeks on parent leadership with focus on voice, difference, values and problem
  • 10 weeks on how change occurs for children including best practice, data analysis,
    model policy
  • A graduation follows in a local civic setting or the State Capitol where parent leaders
    receive a diploma with the state seal from the Secretary of State. Alumni group of
    COPLTI is formed. Alumni continue to work with COPLTI after completion

Each 20-week class meets once per week for 4 hours.
Class is free for the parent leaders attending.
Healthy Family Style Meals served before each class.
Child Care provided during classes.

Every Parent Leader that attends the 20-week class has a community project due in the
class PLTI can assist in the implementation of the projects in the community.

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