Central Ohio Parent Leadership Training Institute

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Helping Parents Who Care Become Parents Who Lead

At COPTLI, we understand the challenges parents face when creating a positive learning environment for their children. That is why we have developed a 20-week program to teach parents how to increase their involvement with their children, while promoting their lifelong health, safety and learning.

All Classes are run FOR Parents, BY Parents!

Healthy Family Style Meal and Quality Childcare Provided at each session at NO COST to participants!! (Transportation provided as needed) 


"I am grateful to be part of this organization. It has been a wonderful experience in many ways such as stretching myself to be more involved in my community and empowering other parents to advocate for their children as well as I do for mine. During the COVID-19, COPLTI helps me by checking in to ensure my family and I are well and safe. In addition, Karla and Amber continue to support me in my project implementation. Many English language learners’ parents received communications in their native language this school year than they have in the past at Columbus City Schools. I am excited to see the changes and the success of this project. Thank you COPLTI for continuing to help parents who lead in their community."
Faye Derenoncourt
Alumni and a Phase I facilitator

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